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CHUCKS -  Choice of all steel or cast-   



Roller type, 3 point and U type steadies available


 Auto cycle threading   
This system uses the setting of stops (or dogs) to determine the starting and finishing position of the thread to be cut.
If the thread is tapered the taper turning attachment or the copy system need to be set to the required angle first.
Set the position of the starting and finishing stops.
The threading tool is positioned at the starting position until the green position light is illuminated. The half nuts are engaged. 
At the end of the thread the tool will automatically withdraw, the half nuts will disengage and the carriage (saddle) will rapid back to the starting point.
The operator only has to set the depth of cut and push he cycle start button to continue.

COPY SYSTEM  - Details page

Boring bar / Drilling attachment
Full length splash guards
Rear chip conveyors
Chuck guards front and rear