The most popular lathes equipped with the most popular accessories 

12.5" Hollow Spindle - 35" Swing - 118" Between Centers
Front & rear all steel chucks. 
Powered top slide, 
3 axis rapid Traverse. 
Heavy duty steady, 
Taper turning. 
Fingertip variable speed control with LED readout.

Delivered free to any major port in the world.

* The best value oil country lathe available
* The listed features come as standard
* Guaranteed quality build
* Free delivery to any major port in the world
* A new machine with warranty for the price of a used machine
* Full backup

Threading and Copy can be ordered with this machine (Extra Cost)


10" Hollow Spindle - 35" Swing - 80" Between Centers
Front and rear cast chucks

Fixed Steady
Delivered free to any major port in the world.       

Hydraulic copy available on any machine US $15,000
Semi auto cycle threading US$13,300, lower if purchased as a special which includes accessories.